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Rodents are known to multiply with frightening speed, what starts with a few individuals can quickly develop into a major infestation. We offer full spectrum rodent control services for total coverage.


Nowadays, many of our clients have rodent issues, but do not want to use pest control techniques that are harmful to the environment. Green technologies are the future, and ECORATTIC™ Insulation is a leader in ecologically friendly techniques for the rodent control industry. Our company is leading the way in California for green pest control technologies. We were one of the first to use minimum risk rodent control products to obtain guaranteed results, and to protect the environment a well. We use all EPA registered products, and we are the best when it comes to attacking rodent problems the green way.


We provide the highest quality green rodent control service available, at the most affordable price possible. Our goal is to help you and your family enjoy a sanitary, rodent-free environment where you can feel safe, secure and healthy.

We will make it our priority to find out exactly what your concerns are, and to address the issue in the most practical way possible. We know your home is your castle, and we want you to feel safe and secure. We know that your family’s health and security is important, and this is why we strive to offer the best long-term rodent control solutions available. We are confident you will be completely satisfied with the quality of our service, and this is why we offer a Guarantee on all rodent prevention service.

EcoRattic Team

Rat Control and Rat removal is a very common problem found throughout the state of California, Mostly found in the bigger cities such as Los Angeles, San Jose, San Fransisco and The Surrounding area. Rat Removal and Rat Control can be a very hard problem to deal with. Some of the situations that you may find yourself face to face with a rat is: Rats in the attic, Rats in the crawlspace, Rats in the house, Rats in the garage and several other situations in which you may come face to face with a rat.   There are several different kinds of rats that are found throughout the state of California. The most common rat is the Norway Rats. Followed closely by the Roof Rats. Norway rats are often found in the Crawlspaces and in the walls of the home or the garage, The roof rats is often found in the attic area of the home, hence the name, The roof rat.


  • Roof rats destroy insulation in your attic

  • Roof Rats drop fecal and urine in your attic

  • Roof rats will chew on wires in your attic

  • Roof Rats carry several diseases in which humans may contract

Norway rats are not as destructive as the common roof rat, however they carry many problems of their own and should not be a welcome guest in or around your home. We will go over the problems and damages that the Norway rat will do to your home in a future blog, however If you feel that you have a problem with roof rats or Norway rats, you should give us a call, we are the Rat removal and Rat control professionals in the Southern and Northern California areas. If you feel you have a rat infestation and you are not in one of the above areas, you can contact us for a professional rat removal and rat control services.

Rodent Control
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