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Attic Fan

The question of whether an attic fan is worth the investment becomes more hot as the weather warms. They are loved by some, while others consider them to be a waste of money.

Are attic fans worth the effort? Do you need them in your home or not?


They are aptly named and provide a clear picture of who they are: attic fans.

The fan circulates the warm and humid air from your attic and pushes it outside.So, the hot, stale air that is under your roof doesn't sit over your home.This is called air exchange.

A fan installed in an attic of a house works in conjunction with any HVAC system or roof, but it is not required.Each fan will need its own installation, which can vary depending on the type and labor required.

You may wonder why you would bother installing these fans when they are not necessary. These fans are great for reducing the stress on your HVAC system. It can keep your roof cooler in summer and your insulation dry during winter, which will reduce the need for your AC or heating to be in overdrive.

Are attic fans actually effective? Let's find out more about attic fans and how they can help you.


Fans for the roof of your house are making big claims. They can cool down your house in summer, and keep it dry during winter.

These claims are true, but do attic fans really work? Let's look at the details of how these fans function.

The air exchange is the process by which hot and humid air is pushed out of the summer. This can heat your home overall as attics are 150-160 degrees hotter than outside. To find out how hot your attic is, you can measure it . To get more information from thermal imaging tools, you can schedule an inspection .

An attic fan can cool your attic by removing the hot air. The air conditioner can cool your home rather than fighting the heat coming from your attic.

These fans are also useful in winter. The warm air from your house meets the cold air under your roof during the colder months.

This could cause excessive moisture and damage to your roof due to mold or ice damming. This fan will circulate air and could help prevent excess moisture from causing any damage.


  • Improve energy efficiency. Cooling your attic can reduce your air conditioning. Your AC is working against the sauna on top of your living room. You can help it by cooling the upper area of your home to outside temperatures before you turn on the AC.

  • Cool down the second story of your home. Heat radiating from your attic can cause heat to build up. An attic fan can help keep your upstairs cooler by preventing heat from entering your home through proper air sealing techniques.

  • Reduce the chance of roof damage. In colder seasons, moist warm air from your house interacts with cold air under your roof, creating condensation and moisture. A strong roof is vulnerable to moisture, which can cause costly damage.

  • Solar fans can run for free. You don't have to pay anything after installation. You can forget about it the day after installation and just enjoy the benefits.


Our industry experience has shown that the answer is yes. Attic fans work. They help circulate air and ventilate your attic so it is closer to the outside temperature. Attics can experience extreme heat in summer and accumulate excessive moisture in winter. These problems can be solved by installing attic fans.

Are they worth the energy savings? The answer to that question will depend on where you live, what type of fan you choose.

For more information, please contact ECORATTIC™.


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